Monday, July 5, 2010

Sephora Beauty Sale

Hi everyone! As for Sephora, I mean theres nothing more I need to explain but that I picked a few of the Best products that are on Sale All are $10 or under & they are all specialty items, such as exclusives, Natural, or limited edition :) Have fun :)

AsiaJam Sale

Do you LOVE asian style fashion? If you do then you definitely want to check out this Sale for :) they have a funky style , heres a few.....but you have to hurry if you like it, the sale wont last long

Etsy Jewelry Sale

Hi everyone! Check out these jewelry all handmade by talented people :) I specially picked out a few that I though you guys might like, some are cute and some are pretty.... But SUPRISE its all under $5 each!!! Hurry and buy it if you like it, most of these have only 1 in stock :)

Thanks for Reading My blog, Do you like these jewelry? I'd love to hear from you! Comments are always greatly appreciated :p

~Emily Lee
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New Style of Blogging

HI everyone, sorry that I have been away for this blog for such a long time!! Thanks for all of you that are still following me, I though of making this blog more organized so its going to be a new of blogging, Just watch and see and hopefully you can see the difference, and Hope you would Like it!! :)

I will be blogging on these soon:

Etsy Jewelry
Beauty Ticket

more will be coming up !!! Enjoy, Shop...Sales, Clearance, & Save Money